About The Banyan Project

The Banyan Project aims to strengthen democracy by seeding community-scale Web journalism cooperatives in underserved communities, then supporting them so they can thrive and best serve the broad public of everyday citizens and engage their civic energy.

Banyan will provide educational and administrative tools that will help new co-ops get started with a minimum of risk. Licenses to use Banyan’s publishing software, which is designed to fit the distinctive needs of news co-ops, will be granted only to sites that agree to uphold the Banyan value proposition—to provide journalism that will be relevant to readers’ lives, respectful of them as people, and worthy of their trust—and to meet standards that Banyan sets. The germination of the model that Banyan advocates and supports is taking shape in Haverhill, Mass., where a pilot co-op is being formed.

Banyan’s seed was planted more than a decade ago in conversations among founder Tom Stites and friends who share a concern about the future of journalism. The conversation widened as a result of Stites’s keynote address at the 2006 Media Giraffe conference on journalism’s future, which drew more than 200 news executives, academics, researchers and bloggers. His speech, Is Media Performance Democracy’s Critical Issue?, drew more than 30,000 page views on the Web. Two years later Stites pulled together the first members of Banyan’s advisory board and set up a wiki so people could see the concept as it unfolded. The concept won a Game Changer award at the 2010 We Media conference, and Stites was named a 2010-11 fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University, where he shaped the Banyan model and gained expert counsel from the community of fellows and from law and business professors. In 2012 a committee of community leaders in Haverhill decided to launch the pilot Banyan-model co-op; they have now incorporated the Haverhill Matters Cooperative Society under Massachusetts law and are enrolling founding members.

The Banyan Board of Advisors has grown to include 30 senior journalists, academics, Web developers, sociologists and researchers, business and financial strategists, and advocates for strengthening democracy. Joining founder Stites as directors of Banyan Project Inc. are six advisory board members: Angus Durocher, Arthur Henshaw, Paul Kritzer, Dan Gillmor, Newell Lessell and Lauren Walters.


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The Banyan Project is a nonprofit organization founded from the thinking of 30 senior journalists, academics, Web developers, sociologists and researchers, business and financial strategists, and advocates for strengthening democracy brought together by Tom Stites. Members of this Board of Advisors are listed below; click on names to see bios.

Stites shaped Banyan's model as a fellow of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. He is now helping a committee of community leaders who are organizing Haverhill Matters, the nation's first community Web news co-op in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

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